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Shuffler iPad app will turn music blogs into streaming radio

We’ll warn you now: Shuffler isn’t out yet. But when it does launch for iPad, it should make quite a splash.

It’s based on a website that’s launching next week, with the aim of turning music blogs into streaming online radio stations. Online, it takes the form of an overlay on web pages, which plays the songs featured on a blog, while showing you the posts about those tracks.

Wired’s Epicenter blog explains that Shuffler will play the most recently-posted songs first, to ensure it’s always fresh. Founder Tim Heineke describes it as “Pandora for music blogs”. But from a Recombu perspective, it’s the iPad app we’re interested in.

He describes it as “cool, minimal” and “Flipboard for music”, referring to the much-hyped newsreader app for iPad. On the web, Shuffler will be free for 20 songs per blog per month, or $9 for a lifetime subscription with no limits. Presumably the iPad app will follow the latter model, making it roughly a fiver here in the UK.

One to watch, for sure.


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