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SID Player for Android: 8-bit Commodore 64 goodness

Back in the day I had an Amstrad CPC646. It was pretty cool. I vividly remember its 2-button joystick, 16 colour screen and games on cassettes which took about ten minutes to load. I loved it. My next door neighbour had a Commodore 64 though, which was infinitely cooler.

As much as I loved my Amstrad, it couldn’t offer the likes of Jet Set Willy and Spy vs Spy.

SID Player for Android is a music player app which has brought back memories of sitting in my neighbour’s lounge hunched over a glowing screen on a cold rainy afternoon.

The app comes loaded with about 100 SID files – the music files played by the Commodore 64’s sound chip – of classic titles like Ghouls ‘n Ghosts and Defender of the Crown as well as the fabled Ocean Loader theme (Ocean Loader 3 by Peter Clarke).

You can also play SID files downloaded from other places on the net, including the 35000+ library available from the High Voltage SID Collection. This is a comprehensive archive of virtually every SID file out there and is available to download here.

Unfortunately you can’t yet assign any SIDs as ringtones, either directly or by using an app like Ringdroid. We’re double crossing everything in the hope that this gets rolled out in a future update but for now we’re just happy that we can bask in unadulterated 8-bit heaven on our Android phones.

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