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Singalonga Taylor Swift with her new iPhone app

Rudely butting into Taylor Swift performances is probably best left to Kanye West. However, country-pop star Taylor has just launched an iPhone app that lets any fan sing a duet with her.

MMI2 Taylor Swift is one of the more interesting apps from a band or singer, given that most simply focus on pumping news and marketing messages at fans. The app includes 12 songs, although more accurately, that’s six different versions of two songs: Love Story and You Belong With Me. Each gets an original version, plus acoustic, rock, urban, piano and ‘coffee house’ mixes.

The idea is that you sing along to duet with Swift herself, or if you have the necessary accessory, plug your guitar in to strum along too. “You can even add new sounds to the song,” suggests the App Store page, which we’re taking as an invitation to crank out our favourite Eddie Van Galen shredding over the top of Taylor’s dulcet tones.

Community features let you share your creations on an official website, as well as with your Facebook friends. Okay, so this isn’t the sort of app most adult males should be caught using, but it’s an imaginative way for a pop star to connect with her fans in a more interesting way.


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