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Singtrix review: Karaoke any tune like Barry or Darth

We review the funky and impressively powerful Singtrix karaoke machine, which allows you to stream any song of your choosing on your phone or tablet, and morph your voice into Barry White, Madonna, and more…

If you’re anything like us, you love getting smashed out of your mind and destroying old 80s classics in skanky karaoke bars. Sadly these bars are often rammed full of suits, and charge ridiculous prices for basically flashing up lyrics on a screen. Van Halen? More like Van FAIL-en, right??


It’s no wonder that karaoke at home has gotten ridiculously popular, thanks to the likes of SingStar, but our new favourite toy is definitely the clever and incredibly fun Singtrix. This all-in-one karaoke machine allows you to sing basically any song you like, by streaming it over YouTube on your phone or tablet, and can also morphy your voice into something angelic or terrifying – or simply help you hit the right notes.

The Singtrix bundle comes with everything you need to get started – mic stand, two mics, 40-watt high fidelity 2.1 stereo speaker, leads, and the Singtrix box itself. It’s all easy to set up, without the need for tools, and all you need to add is a crate of strong booze and some willing chums.

Singtrix karaoke machine review

Those may look like beer bottles kiddies, but we’re actually just drinking fizzy pop.

With the whole lot rigged up, we started belting out karaoke classics such as Toto’s Africa and Livin’ On A Prayer, all streamed via YouTube. And with the auto-tuning activated (there are three different levels depending on your mic skills), we actually sounded semi-respectable (to our own beer-dampened senses at least).

There are also 342 different effects settings to play with, including Barry White, Madge, Darth Vader, and various crazy robot/alien/rockabilly efforts. Our favourites are the harmony/choir effects, which make you sound like an entire backing band.

The clever machinery behind the voice trickery is actually proper full-on studio-quality¬†kit, so the Singtrix rig is a bit pricey – 329 Euros if you order online via the European site. However, if you’re serious about karaoke, and host lots of parties where your guests get mortal and bash out I Will Survive to the irritation of your neighbours, it’s worth every golden cent.


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