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Booking cinema tickets over Siri on the cards, US-only for now

We’ve already heard about the the forthcoming iOS 6.1 update for iPhones and iPads, but a new feature that Siri will be adding to its bow in the process will be its ability to allow a user to search and book movie tickets.

Siri cinema booking 1

Siri on iOS 6 brought Local Search to users outside of the US as well as all-new features like finding the nearest cinemas and movie screenings. As an extension of this feature, developers working with the iOS 6.1 beta have discovered that users will be able to take this experience one step further and actually booking a seat in the cinema of their choice all from within the confines of their iPhone’s virtual voice assistant.

Of course as with Local Search when it first arrived, 9to5Mac have said that users outside of the US won’t be able to make use of this handy new feature as the service is provided by Fandango’s online/telecoms movie ticket booking services, which doesn’t operate outside of the country. For Brits to be able to book a seat at their nearest CineWorld or Odeon, Apple UK will likely have to partner up to get the most out of the new service.

Siri cinema booking 2

As it stands, users search for the film they’d like to see using Siri, are then offered a list of nearby theatres screening their chosen film and finally presented with a button which directs them to Fandango to purchase. The developers who’ve toyed with the existing mechanic say that not all cinemas are compatible and those which are have been marked with a little movie ticket symbol.

Would you find this feature useful or is it an additional element to a service you just don’t use.


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