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Siri hacked to enable voice-assisted torrenting (video)

Oh SiriProxy is there nothing ye cannot do? From starting up and opening doors of cars to being a right old smart arse, Apple’s voice assistant has been successfully hacked to allow for easier downloading of torrents.

Using a SiriProxy plugin, YouTube user xstasyen89 has hacked his iPhone 4S in order to download movies through a private tracker.

When asked to download Cowboys and Aliens, Siri dutifully responds with “Found 3 results. Cowboys and Aliens 2011 Extended 1080p Blu-Ray x264 crossbow. Do you want to download this?”

Confirmation then sees the download beginning; within moments, said film has been downloaded and is ready for watching.


Sadly, for those keen to try this out, the plugin hasn’t been made available by xstasyen89; requests for it in the comments appear to have gone unanswered. In the description, xstasyen89 explicitly encourages you to “only download movies you already own a copy of!” and to not be a pirate.

But then you could do what you want, ‘cos a pirate is free…

Source: YouTube via SiriHacks


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