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Siri plus a hacked iPhone 4S can start and unlock your car: More KITT than HAL

Siri’s capable of many things, from setting up meetings and sending texts to firing back amusing answers to our more left-of-centre inquiries. But with a bit of enterprising moddage, its capabilities can be expanded beyond that of its designer’s original intentions.’s Brandon was able to reconfigure his iPhone 4S so that he could pair it with a Viper Control car remote and tell Siri to start his car. Using a series of programmed commands Brandon can turn his car on, lock the doors and even open the boot.

The “Siri Proxy” plugin I wrote handles interaction with a php script that runs on my web server. The php script, which I developed months ago for personal use, allows me to send commands to my car which has a Viper SmartStart module installed.

Current commands accepted are: “Vehicle Arm”, “Vehicle Disarm”, “Vehicle Start”, “Vehicle Stop”, “Vehicle Pop Trunk”, and “Vehicle Panic”.

This was achieved by using SiriProxy, a proxy server that “allows for the creation of custom plugins that can intercept recognized speech and perform virtually any function imaginable.”

More information on this can be found here and on, along with videos of Siri doing it’s car-starting thing.

We think this is amazing. We wonder what people will be getting Siri to do next; turn the oven on, start the dishwasher, feed the cat…

Source: Fiquett via Redmond Pie, 9to5Mac