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Six! (iOS) game review, tips and tricks

Six! is a new physics-based iPhone puzzle game that sees you poking blocks to help a happy little hexagon on his journey downwards. It’s simple and fiendishly addictive app, perfect for a five-minute fiddle while you wait for your bus. Here’s our Six! review, as well as some helpful tips and tricks to get started with the game.

Six! game review

If we were feeling particularly lazy, we’d call Six! a cross between Jenga and Tetris, or a reverse version of Stack. This addictive mobile game, available to download now for your iPhone from the App Store, sees you knocking down a tower made of geometric shapes (some of which look suspiciously similar to Tetris blocks). You remove the blocks one at a time with a quick tap, and each one that you successfully vanish nets you some points.

Sounds easy enough, but there’s a catch. On top of the tower sits a hexagon, which can’t be allowed to fall. If you remove the wrong block at the wrong time, that hexagon’s gonna roll right off the tower and that’s game over. Which means you’ll have to think carefully about the correct order to disappear the blocks and shrink the tower.

It’s a simple idea, but Six! is still a relaxing and entertaining mobile puzzler that’s perfect for short blasts. That said, the game can also be enjoyed over extended periods (just one more go…). And with a challenge mode on top of the standard arcade game, Six! offers plenty of reasons to keep coming back for more.

Six! tips and tricks

If you want some help getting a high score in Six!, try these beginner’s tips and tricks to boost your points and get your game on.

If you’re struggling to get a decent score in Six! then remember that there’s no time limit. You can really take your time over each move, making sure that your next tap won’t result in disaster. A hasty finger is a disappointed finger, as some weird old Chinese proverb probably goes.

Remember that while you can’t simultaneously tap on two blocks to remove them at the exact same time, you can tap on one and then immediately tap on another to get rid of them without delay. This is particularly handy if your hexagon is about to drop on another block that will send it rolling sideways. When you’ve had a bit of practice, you can actually clear a few rows all with some speedy taps as your hexagon plummets. It’s a risky but effective strategy, and feels cool as anything when you pull it off.

When your hexagon does eventually tumble off the edge, you’ll get a Last Call opportunity to win more points. Quickly tap all of the remaining blocks, starting from those at the bottom, to topple the rest and bump your score before the game over screen flashes.


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