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Six Strings app turns your iPad into a guitar (or a ukulele)

Playing air guitar with your iPad? Not on your nelly! I don’t mind risking breaking a broom or a tennis racket, but 400 quid’s worth of tablet is another question.

However, Six Strings lets you turn your iPad into a guitar in a far less troublesome way. It’s a £1.19 iPad app that lets you play acoustic and electric guitar by plucking and strumming virtual strings, complete with the ability to record and save loops of your sweet, sweet music. Which will be made sweeter, if you’re a novice, by using the easy chord or solo mode to cover your lack of licks.

It’s not just about guitars, mind. You can also play ukulele, steel drums and a drum pad, with six different kits offered with the latter. There’s already no shortage of music-making apps for iPad, many of which focus understandably on electronic music. Six Strings may be worth a look if you’re more rockist in your tastes.

A video demo is below.


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