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SK Telecom celebrates its 30-year anniversary with a mobile orchestra

SK Telecom’s new ad features a mobile orchestra to celebrate the carrier’s 30th anniversary.

We’ve seen a ton of creative mobile phone ads over the years and SK Telecom’s latest spot is no exception. Making music without conventional instruments has become a popular staple on video sites like YouTube, and the South Korean network’s latest efforts embody this fact perfectly

Celebrating its 30-year anniversary and the impending launch of its super-fast new LTE network technology, the creative team behind the carrier’s latest video have assembled 30 mobile phones and four pagers that time forgot. They then rigged them up to some smart circuitry to control their vibrate and ring functions and decided to play a little tune.

The mobile orchestra features chimes, chirps and buzzes from various antiquated handsets to make an enjoyable tune which actually mirrors a version with lyrics, sung in Korean in another SK Telecom ad. The vibrate function on a number of the devices serve up some melodic bass, whilst key presses and ringtones from other phones add the main melody.

A full cast list can be seen at the end of the video, with a myriad of brands including Nokia, StarTAC, LG and Motorola present amongst the players.

Whilst we here in the UK are only beginning to enjoy the fruits of 4G, South Korea has long stood at the cutting edge of mobile data speed technology and SK Telecom, who already employs a 150Mbps LTE-A 4G network, is looking to double those speeds this year, promising HD movie downloads in less than a minute, over the air.

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