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Skiving off work to watch the World Cup? Nokia has an app for that…

Part of the joy of the World Cup is sneaking out of work at 2pm for a ‘meeting’ (i.e. a pint in front of Japan v Cameroon in the nearest local). If you’re an old hand at this, finding excuses to slip past your boss will be second nature. If you’re really lucky, you’ll have the kind of boss who’ll want to skive with you.

Lacking imagination?¬†Nokia’s latest free football app aims to help. It’s called World-Class Excuses, and essentially offers dozens of alibis to explain why you can’t be at your desk. In fact, there are excuses for blowing out friends too, if you’re struggling to reconcile your social life with your football life.

This Friday’s England match is at 7.30pm, so there’ll be no need for the app, but next Wednesday’s final group game with Slovenia is at 3pm. World-Class Excuses is a novelty app, sure, but if you’re not great at coming up with lies on the fly, it could get you out of work, and into the boozer.


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