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Sky Go: Free TV on your iPad or smartphone

Sky has announced it will be rebranding its existing Sky Player and Sky Mobile TV as Sky Go, a free service for all Sky customers enabling you to watch Sky programs across portable devices, including mobile phones, laptops and tablets.

Content will be initially limited. Tablets and smartphone users can only access five Sports channels, along with ESPN and Sky News.

Laptops and computers users get a better deal with 30 live channels and on-demand programs including: Sky Sports, Sky Movies, Sky News, Sky 1, Sky Atlantic, Sky Arts, MTV, Disney, G.O.L.D, Nickelodeon, NatGeo, History, Eden and ESPN.

Channels availability will depend on your existing Sky subscription; so you’ll need to be paying for a Movies or Sport package, in order to view them.

Additionally, each Sky home can only register two devices, which seems pretty restrictive – especially if you consider a two-adult household might have two smartphones, two laptops and a tablet. Sky content will still be available via the Xbox 360 though, but rebranded from Sky Player to Sky.

Last year Sky bought WiFi network The Cloud and it’s likely in the future Sky Go customers will be able to use this to watch TV away from home via 4500 publically located hotspots.

Stephen van Rooyen from Sky comments: ‘ To create even more value, choice and flexibility for our customers, we are now going to offer online and mobile access to Sky content at no extra charge. The future support of a nationwide Wi-Fi network will help us supercharge that experience further still.”  Although there’s no news yet on when this will happen.

Sky Go will launch on July 6th and will be free to Sky users, it will be available to non-SKY customers for £15-£40 a month in August.

Source: Sky


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