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Sky launches its mobile TV app for iPad

Sky has had a mobile TV app available for iPhone and iPod touch for a while now, but now there’s an iPad version just in time for Apple’s tablet to launch here in the UK.

It’s free to download, but will cost non-Sky subscribers a hefty £35 a month to subscribe to once the one-month free trial runs out. Sky customers get it for a less wallet-denting £6.

What do you get for your cash? Four high-definition channels for iPad: Sky Sports 1 and 2, Sky Sports News and Sky News. These will only work on a Wi-Fi connection of at least 2Mbps though – a good thing too, as you wouldn’t want to pay 3G data charges on them.

The App Store already has some negative reviews of the app, with people complaining about Sky’s decision to charge £35 to iPad owners. We wonder if this leaves room for some special offers once the new Premiership season kicks off later this summer, though.


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