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Skype update brings photo, video and document sharing to Android

Skype for Android has just received a pretty substantial update adding file sending as found in Whatsapp and BBM to its feature set. Since the addition of video chat, the Android application became very comparable to the desktop experience in terms of functionality.

Now with this update, Skype goes head to head with other messaging systems offering the most comprehensive feature-set of the lot, with Google Talk not allowing for file sharing and BBM or Whatsapp not offering a desktop counterpart. Add video and voice chat into the mix and on paper, it’s looking very good for Skye’s Android iteration.

From personal experience, Skype downside is its dent on battery life when compared to, say, Whatsapp. It also has a slightly more convoluted user interface, however as mentioned, delivers hands down the most functionality and is completely free to download.