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Skype Video Messaging now free for all users

Skype previously restricted its video messaging service to paying customers, but the company has now opened up the feature to everyone for free. Starting from today, Skype users will be able to send video voicemails up to three minutes in length. The feature isn’t restricted to the desktop either, with Skype adding the feature to its apps on iOS, Android, BlackBerry 10, Mac OS X, and Windows 8.

The best part, of course, is that it’s all free. You can send as many video messages as you like to however many people you choose. It’s primarily intended for anyone who’s offline, so the next time they sign in, they’ll get a message along with your video. To use the feature, you need only dive into the Skype app and choose the “Video Message” option under the desired contact.

After that, you’ll get a pretty standard video recording overlay. If you mess something up or want to re-record, then you can easily do that too. When you’re done, Skype does all the heavy lifting and fires your message across to the intended recipient. It’s a novel little idea considering most people seem to prefer real time video or voice conversations, but at least the option is there for anyone who needs it.

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