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Slayer get their own pinball game for iPad and iPhone

You read that right. Slayer. Monsters of metal. Gods of noise. Legends of The Riff. And so on. And now they’re bestriding the App Store like a hairy pinball-playing colossus of…

Okay, I’ll calm down. But still, it’s pretty exciting news that the developers of popular iPad pinball game Pinball HD have launched a reskinned version for Slayer, with the full blessing of the band.

The game is ‘inspired’ by their new album, World Painted Blood, with several songs acting as the soundtrack. Singer Tom Araya also contributes a voiceover to the game, which is a Universal app – so is available for iPhone and iPad.

Developer Gameprom promises guitar-shredding mini-games, as well as some pretty ninja pinball physics and 3D camera angles. At £1.79, it’s a bargain. A rock is most certainly NOT out of the question.


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