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SmartKeyboard for iPhone concept: A Smart Cover for an iPhone 4 that’s also a Qwerty

Dilemma. You want a phone with a Qwerty keyboard for that dedicated typing experience, but you also want the benefit of a touchscreen for whizzing through web pages and the like. But you don’t want to skimp on screen space. 2.8-inches? Sorry, no dice. You’re a 3.5-inches plus or bust kind of person. Fair enough, but there’s not really a smartphone out there that offers all that right now.

The Smart Keyboard however could offer you a solution. The Smart Keyboard is a roll-up style kick stand in the same vein as Apple’s Smart Covers for the iPad 2 that incorporates a full Qwerty keyboard.

Ok, so the keys aren’t active, mechanical keys themselves, rather rubber pads that’ll press on the virtual Qwerty beneath. The keys would be backlit as well, allowing for easy typing in the dark. The covers would come in a range of colours (to match those of the iPad 2 covers) as well.

The keyboard, which attaches to the base of an iPhone 4, would also somehow allow for more typing space on the screen. We’re not quite sure how this would work though.

That aside, an accessory like this might just be enough to convert those who hate typing on touchscreens to the Cult of iPhone.

Sadly just a concept (for the time being), there are no Smart Keyboards available to buy just yet. You can however follow the official Twitter and like the Facebook page for more info and updates. We’re excited; we’d like a green one please!

Source: Redmond Pie


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