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Smartphone users spend two years of their life on the internet

Do you ever feel that you spend too much time every day checking Facebook on your mobile phone? Well smartphone users in the UK spend an average of two years of their life using the internet.

A survey conducted by Recombu revealed that the average user spends five hours a week using the internet on their mobile phone, which over the period of a year equates to to 260 hours and well over 10 days.

It’s not just catching up on the latest news either; 40% of people questioned use their smartphones to update social media websites like Facebook or Twitter, 24% check email and 22% shop.

While using a smartphone can bring some benefits, such as avoiding the Christmas shopping queues and sharing photographs, it seems to be at the expense of other areas of life.

Of the 2000 people polled, one in ten people (11%) do less exercise, 22% watch less television and 26% spend less time reading books – although undoubtedly many of these people are have switched from traditional books to reading eBooks on their smartphones.

Perhaps most interesting (if not surprising) was the discovery that  since buying their mobile phones 18% of people polled now make fewer phone calls, showing a shift in communication away from talking to others, to using the internet and social networks.

Do you make less calls using your mobile phone, but use it more for social networking? Or has your smartphone encouraged you to try new hobby’s? Let us know below or via Facebook and Twitter.


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