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Smartphones ‘could revolutionise crime scene investigation’

Recent advances in smartphone technology could improve police crime-scene investigations, said Dr Mohamed Gaber of Portsmouth University.

Presenting at a Artificial Intelligence conference in Arras, France, he said that the meaty processing power in smartphones, coupled with its networking abilities and high-spec cameras could allow investigators to gain faster, greater insight into crime-scenes.

Phones could analysing fingerprints and other data locally, and communicate with other phones, without the need to sent anything back to a central computer for processing.

The key to using smartphones with police investigations, said Dr. Gaber, was to use several phones together: “We can get excellent results with as few as eight mobile phones… where each phone handles a maximum of 40% of the possible measurements.”

“In fact, one smartphone can do the whole process if it has all of the data. However, it is more realistic to assume that each can see only part of the picture and, collectively, we can see the whole picture.”

You can see more here. Warning; it’s all pretty technoriffic.




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