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Smartphones overtake the telly as main media-source

Proving that we’re not the generation of slack-jawed, square-eyed telly addicts that popular media would have us believe in the UK, the latest stats in from analysts at eMarketer state that we’re actually spending less time staring at the big screen; and staring at the little one instead…

If you think the art of conversation is dead and that us Brits don’t spend quality time talking together any more then… hey, how rude! Do you mind, we’re talking to you! No, fine… that’s okay… you just finish texting your…. wait, what are you doing? Watching TV? Unbelievable!

Yet it’s not unbelievable, as eMarketer’s estimates suggest that the above – dramatised for sexy effect – situation might be on the rise in the UK as media-consumption habits have turned their hollow gaze from the idiot lantern in the corner to languish more time accessing entertainment on mobiles, with the average UK adult’s 8.5-hours of daily media-messing now divvied up in favour of smartphones at 3-hours 41-minutes and TV-time reduced to 3-hours 15-minutes. For those that can do maths, the remaining time is spent on radio or something called ‘print’.

Smartphones eclipse TV as the primary source of media

Logically it’s been suggested that the reason for this seismic shift away from TV-domination has been the unstoppable rise of the smartphone. Granting people, easier access to ‘media’, and the likes of email, SMS, social networking, games and, of course, online on-demand video options, taking priority over episodes of Strictly Come Diving, or whatever rubbish is on telly.

“Time spent with mobile has come to represent more than half of TV’s share of total media time, as well as nearly half of digital media time as a whole,” espouses eMarketer’s report. “The bulk of mobile time is spent on smartphones, at almost one hour per day, but tablets are not far behind.”

With all info based on eMarketer’s ‘estimates’, do we believe TV’s time is done? Ahem? Hello? You’re on YouTube again, aren’t you…



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