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Smartphones submerged: iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry get wet- which one survives?

It’s happened to the best of us, but with phones now costing several hundred pounds, we’re all a bit more anxious with our phones near water.

Yahoo News has decided, in the interests of informing the public, to cast a watery death-sentence on three phones, the Motorola Droid, an Android phone known as the Milestone in England, an iPhone and a BlackBerry.

They were all dunked for 30 seconds, to ensure they got full of water, and then taken about, where a bit of desperate tech resuscitation took place.

There are several tried and tested hints covered; don’t try to turn the phone back on.

The power remaining in the battery could create several shorts. It’s best to take the battery out immediately, if possible. Obviously with an iPhone, it’s a bit tougher.

Take the chance to also remove the SIM card and any removable memory cards.

Once the damage is done, air-dry the phone as best you can. Some compressed air will help push out water found inside.

Finally, Yahoo News went for the anecdotal option of burying the damaged phones in rice– where the grains will hopefully wick some of that nasty moisture out of the phone.

If you’ve managed to get salt-water into the phone, bizarre as it sounds, flush it out with fresh water. The salt can react with the phone’s innards causing corrosion.

Of the three phones tested, only the BlackBerry survived the trauma. We’d advise not replicating this experiment at home, unless you have deep pockets.

You could always go for some more rugged phones, like the splash-proof Motorola Defy. No news on whether even the Defy could handle 30 seconds submerged in water.

Via: Yahoo News



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