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Smule lets loose its iPad Magic Fiddle app

We love Smule. You should too. The US developer has made its name with a string of marvellously quirky music apps for iPhone and iPad, including Ocarina, Leaf Trombone, I Am T-Pain and Magic Piano. Oh, and itdid the Glee karaoke app too.

For its next trick, the company has launched a follow-up to Magic Piano, which earlier this year turned iPad users into wizards of the keys, even if they weren’t musically talented. As the new app’s name implies, it does a similar thing for the fiddle.

It lets you play a range of songs by touching the screen, with beams of coloured light showing you where to press – it’s fair to say you probably shouldn’t be trying to balance your iPad under your chin like a real violin at the time, though.

There’s a deep StoryBook mode too, which teaches you real fiddling techniques over eight chapters. And you can show off your skills by broadcasting your playing to the world – a feature previously seen in Magic Piano and Leaf Trombone – trying to get onto the global leaderboard.

The StoryBook is the new aspect compared to Magic Piano, and a welcome one. Magic Fiddle looks set to continue Smule’s run of App Store success. What instrument next, though? We’re hoping for ukulele…


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