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Snooker goes HD for iPad

Snooker may be on its uppers as a sport nowadays, but once upon a time it was one of the most compelling reasons to buy a colour TV in the UK. For obvious reasons.

The sport is unlikely to have a similar effect for iPad, but the balls’n’baize are ideally suited for Apple’s touchscreen tablet. Developer Big Head Games is one of the first companies to take advantage with its International Snooker HD game.

Based on its existing iPhone game of the same name, it offers a mix of one and two-player matches, along with a tournament mode. There’s no official licence, mind, so you’re playing for the entirely virtual IS Gold Cup.

We’ve played and enjoyed snooker games for iPhone before, but it’s certainly a sport that benefits from the bigger screen of the iPad, particularly when you’re lining up shots with finely-tuned accuracy.

It might be just too late to capitalise on the real-world snooker world championship, but International Snooker HD may be worth getting loopy about. It costs £2.99 on the App Store.


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