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Snow+Rock to launch Windows Phone 7 app for UK hikers

It’s becoming clear that Microsoft has been taking a pro-active approach to making sure there are some UK-focused apps available for Windows Phone 7 at launch.

We wrote earlier this week about The Met Office’s weather app, while Microsoft also showed off a slick-looking train travel app at its press launch. Now outdoor clothing brand Snow+Rock has taken the wrappers off a nifty app for hikers called Pathfinder.

The focus? Wandering around the British countryside, with a GPS-fuelled mixture of maps, route guides, weather info and (naturally) information on what clothing to buy from Snow+Rock.

“We see the Pathfinder application as a great way to promote relevant outdoor equipment and clothing, interact with our customers, and reach the millions that go hiking every year to help improve their experience,” explains the retailer’s head of marketing Kevin Young.

According to its developer, digital agency Sequence, Pathfinder was hand-picked by Microsoft to be one of the launch apps in the UK WP7 app Marketplace this month.


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