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Solar dog: Man charges phone using a solar panel and his dog


Erik Schiegg from Switzerland has either come up with the craziest thing we’ve ever seen, or the smartest. As you’ll see in the video, Shiegg attached a solar panel, capable of charging a mobile phone, to a dog’s “weather protection” suit. According to Shiegg, the prototype “solar dog” charger works in cloudy weather conditions and it’s at a better angle to the sun than if he was wearing it.

Shiegg adds, “My Android phone is charged in no time… The dog feels good and I’m feeling good and planet mud is turned a little bit more into planet earth. But this idea would be interesting for farmers around the world, letting their animals collect electricity, too. Without the cost and waste for installation and the ground.” We can’t wait to see solar power-producing chickens and cows.


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