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Solve Sudoku puzzles in seconds: Sudoku Camera for Android

Sudoku is boring. We’ll be honest, we really don’t get the appeal. But at the same time we understand that it’s compelling enough to put Australian juries off of million dollar drug trials so we’ll go out on a limb here and say it’s kind of popular.

Sudoku Camera for Android will speak out to those who have a craving for number puzzles and make aggrieved prosecutors the other side of the world sleep a little easier at night.

The app takes a picture of a Sudoku grid and then renders it as a grid on your phone. From here you can play the game on your Android phone by exporting it to either the Andoku Sudoku or Open Sudoku games (available separately, both free).

Alternatively you can get hints for the game or cheat and have Sudoku Camera solve the entire thing for you. We tested this out on copies of yesterday’s Metro and London Evening Standard and it really does work.

Perhaps a more philosophical approach to this app might be that you can still enjoy the Sudoku games in all of the free papers without spoiling the fun for everyone else. It must be annoying picking up a paper only to find someone else has already done the puzzles.

Sudoku Camera costs €0.99 (£0.80) and is available for virtually every Android device.




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