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Sonic teams up with Angry Birds and now he’s dead to us

After many years of appearing in sub-standard games, Sonic has finally snipped that final thread of love we had for him, by joining forces with Angry Birds.

Remember when Sonic was good? When guiding him at blistering pace through cleverly designed, colourful levels was a glorious and challenging way to pass an entire evening, as homework sat neglected in your school satchel?

Well, our little blue hero has had it pretty rough these past two decades, culminating in a pretty bog-standard endless runner, Sonic Dash, as he made the leap to mobile. But now the spiky sod is well and truly dead to us as he’s sold his soul and teamed up with those feathery bastards the Angry Birds.

To celebrate 100 million downloads (good lord) of Sonic Dash, Sega has joined with Rovio to bring the Angry Birds cast into the game. Players can now collect special ‘Angry Birds Epic’ tokens as they steer through levels, to unlock Angry Birds playable characters. Of course, you can also pay real money to unlock the three characters (Red, Chuck and Bomb) at any time, in a completely shocking move that really took us by complete and utter surprise.

The good news is that this ‘takeover’ only lasts for three weeks from today, although the new characters will apparently remain unlocked even after the event finishes. So if you actually like the car-shitting monsters, you better get playing – or dig out your wallet.


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