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SonicShare: the file transfer app to replace Bluetooth?

Sonic Share is an Android app that lets you share files between smartphones. It doesn’t use Bluetooth, WiFi, DLNA or email, instead it uses your phones speaker and microphone to broadcasting an ultrasonic signal, a technology we’ve seen before in Zoosh.

Traditionally to send a file from phone to phone you could use Email or Bluetooth, but the latter can be cumbersome to set up and there are often compatibility issues between phones.

With SonicShare you don’t even need any contact details – the app simply needs to be installed on both phones. Open the app, select the type of file you want to send (left), locate it and hit Sonic (right) and the file is sent instantly.
Sonic Share app grabs

We installed SonicShare on two smartphones and shared a selection files between them, the file transfer process took around five seconds, which is very impressive. There are a few options to check and the recipient needs to accept the file.

You can send a huge array of files, including music, movies and photos – in fact SonicShare supports any kind of file, including wmv, mp4, txt, xls, pdk and apk, along with browser links and text.

There’s a limit of 1000k (approximately 1Mb) on the free version of SonicShare, which you can increase to 5MB during the trial period. Alternatively there are two paid editions of the app: SonicSuper, which offers 20MB transfers and multi-file sharing and SonicUltra, which can send 50MB files of 100 per batch.

We’re impressed by SonicShare, it’s easy to use and far quicker than using Bluetooth or sending an email and being able to send the same file to multiple devices is a huge advantage.

Check out the video below to see Sonic Share in action:


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