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Sony Ericsson C903 Review


It’s as small and slim as a stylish compact camera and has a neatly balanced slide mechanism. This is a handset that’s strong on photo features but squeezes in music and GPS capabilities, too.

What we like
The design is pleasing, with the smoothly sliding screen on the front and lens cover on the back making it enjoyable to handle. The camera has some editing capabilities and neat extras like BestPic. This starts saving images before you press the shutter and keeps nine shots for you to choose from.

The C903 also has HSDPA for fast data traffic, so the shots you take are quickly uploaded to the internet – the great advantage a camera phone has over a dedicated snapper. The direction pad works as shortcuts for the flash and other functions. You can also shoot video and even zoom while doing so.

The screen is bright and colourful, and is shown off by the quickly-changing wallpaper photos. The GPS is handy and the installed Google Maps is complemented by NearMe which details nearby cinemas, businesses and more. It grabbed a satellite connection quickly but was dependent on the information provided via A-GPS (which uses your data allowance) to work best.

What we don’t like
Some will find the shiny black (or red) casing plasticky, perhaps. The C903 is certainly small, which is a good thing, but may be too petite for some hands, and the keypad isn’t ideal. There’s no distinction between individual numbers and little travel in each key, both of which hamper easy dialling.

If you want to upload those 5-megapixel shots of yours, you’ll need some signal – there’s no Wi-Fi on board. Nor, like so many handsets, is there a 3.5mm headphone jack and Sony Ericsson hasn’t even provided an adaptor so you’re stuck with the in-ear headphones supplied.

Want a small, smart phone that takes great pictures and shows you where to go with GPS? Look no further – the C903 is a capable picture-taker and neat, pocket-friendly handset. The keypad really isn’t great and the lack of proper headphone socket annoying, but this is a decent phone even if it doesn’t break new boundaries.




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