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Sony Ericsson C905 Review


The Sony Ericsson C905 packs a powerful 8 megapixel punch, and has the distinction of being the first camera phone to do so. While some manufacturers deliver a sub-standard camera experience Sony Ericsson seems to pride itself in delivering a usable camera phone that produces good pictures.

What we like
It’s not just about squeezing as many megapixels through the lens as possible, the C905 comes with a number of neat camera features. For a start the C905 packs both a Xenon flash and LED light, used as a light source (or ‘focus assist beam’) for shots in dark environments. We tested it out in several dark locations and were pleased with the results.

Other now-standard camera phone features such as face detection, red eye, and anti-shake are present, as is the trademarked BestPic setting, and a neat macro mode setting. Once you’re done you can upload your pictures to the Internet using HSDPA or Wi-Fi and geo-tag your pics so that you can overlay them on a map using Flickr, for example.

What we don’t like
Pictures taken on an 8 megapixel camera are pretty big data-wise and combined with the presence of a xenon flash means that the battery life of the C905 is shorter than an average phone. Use the camera more than a few times in a day and you’ll eat up that touted 360 hours of standby power in no time.

The C905 raises the bar in terms of what future camera phones will have to live up to and is the next evolutionary step in Sony Ericsson’s Cyber-shot range. The only thing that bothered us about the C905 is its poor battery life. If you want to be able to take some of the best pictures possible using a mobile phone then you won’t go wrong with a C905 — just be prepared to have your charger on hand.





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