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Sony Ericsson announces Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread updates for Xperia phones

Sony Ericsson has announced that Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread updates will start hitting Xperia phones in October.

A “phased rollout” will begin, with all of the Xperia phones from 2011 – that’s the Play, Arc, Neo, Pro, Mini and the Mini Pro – getting some sexy 2.3.4 action.

Updating your Android phone to 2.3.4. is desirable as it closes a potentially disastrous security loophole, which could see personal info compromised when connected to open Wi-Fi.

As well as this, the updates will bring a range of fresh new features to the Xperia, ahem, experience.

Chief amoung these is the “world’s first 3D sweep panorama fucntionality powered by Sony”. This will apparently allow you to take ‘3D’ pictures which can then be displayed on a compatible 3D TV via HDMI.

We imagine that this will involve some kind of stereoscopic set-up, where your Xperia phone will take two pictures, creating a parallax style effect, which would work on glasses-less 3D TVs. We’re doing some digging on exactly how this’ll work now.

The update will also allow you to plug a phone into the Sony Ericsson LiveDock and attach USB mice, keyboards and game controllers, giving your phone a bit of a Motorola Atrix-style lease of life. You could of course, connect your phone to a big screen TV via HDMI.

An HDTV + Minecraft Pocket Edition + PS3 Sixaxis + Xperia Arc + LiveDock = we’d never leave the house.

Another neat thing that the update will bring is the ability to take screengrabs from your phone on the go, like you can currently do on a handful of Android phones.

We’ve contacted Sony Ericsson asking for further information on which phones will be getting the updates first.

Update rollouts will of course depend on network testing, so its possible that your mate with the same Xperia phone on Network X might get their update before you do. We’re waiting to hear back on this now and will probably be hearing more form all of the networks closer to the time.


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