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Sony Ericsson Elm and Hazel: Big GreenHeart

This Christmas you might have a Scots Pine or Norwegian Spruce in your living room, or maybe even an artificial tree. Probably not an Elm or Hazel though. As well as being the name of decidedly non-Christmassy trees, the Elm and Hazel are also the names of the latest additions to Sony Ericsson’s eco-friendly GreenHeart line up.

Announced today, both of these green machines meet the usual requirements. They’re made from recycled plastic, feature minimised packaging and dispense with traditional paper manuals, coming with electronic set-up guides instead. Like the Sony Ericsson Naite, the WalkMate app is present on the Elm and Hazel. This calculates your steps and tells you how many miles you’ve walked as opposed to travelling by car.

Both the Elm and Hazel come with 5-megapixel cameras (LED flash and autofocus) and provide access to Facebook, Twitter and Myspace. The two handsets also come with 3G and Wi-Fi meaning social network addicts with green fingers can tweet and status update with a clear conscience.

Both phones charge off of the EP300 GreenHeart adapter, but we’re told that this low-power consumption charger connects through Sony Ericsson’s FastPort instead of the soon to be universal miniUSB – perhaps undermining the green angle slightly.

Unfortunately, if you want an Elm or a Hazel now, you’re going to be dissapointed – they’re both due for release next year. Details on dates and availability are skimpy at the moment but we can confirm that the Elm will be released in the spring and the Hazel will flower slightly later in the summer. Both phones will be available on O2. These two eco-conscious phones will be available in black and red hues – no word on pricing yet.