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Sony Ericsson ‘future concepts’ video from 2002


Ever wondered what Sony Ericsson thought the future was going to look like back in 2002? Check out this Sony Ericsson ‘future concepts’ presentation video made for the “2002 Cannes show,” which we’re assuming was 3GSM. There’s a folding phone with a hidden keypad and a rotating screen, a pen phone with a built-in projector, a circular phone that plays movies and there are a few random accessories at the end of the video.

As with most concepts these beauties never made it to the high street but we really like the pen/projector concept. Back to reality and Sony Ericsson latest offerings are a little more boring, sorry, we meant practical. The Vivaz pro, X10 mini and X10 mini pro, are all touchscreen phones that boast all the standard bells and whistles – shame there are no built-in projectors though.


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