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Sony Ericsson LT28at gets Bluetooth certified: 4.55-inch screen, LTE, 13-megapixel camera

We’re itching to see what Sony Ericsson has up its sleeves for CES 2012 which is just a couple of weeks away. We’re fully expecting to see the much-talked about Nozomi and maybe the Nypon and Aoba as well.

However it looks like there’s another device on the horizon from Sony Ericsson which has been Bluetooth certified; the Sony Ericsson LT28at apparently boasts a 4.55-inch 720p HD display with Sony Ericsson’s Reality tech on board, which ought to give the Samsung Galaxy Nexus some food for thought.

There’s also a whopping 13-megapixel main camera (overkill much?) with a back-lit sensor – no mention if its the Exmor R sensor seen in the Xperia Arc and Arc S, but we’d be surprised if this technology (or something more advanced) doesn’t make an appearance in future Sony Ericsson phones.

Slashgear’s Chris Burns has acquired some pictures reportedly taken with said device; we’ve reproduced a couple here and as you can see, they’re stunning.

The front camera is said to record HD video at 720p and there’s a dual microphone set up too, said to allow for noise cancelling and stereo recording, a la HTC’s Sensation.

The chances of this exact model arriving in the UK however are slim; the Bluetooth SIG listing explicitly mentioned ‘North America’ as its target market and this bad boy is packing LTE. So the most we can hope for is a GSM variant of this mystery phone. Nothing like a juicy bit of rumour to keep us going ‘til CES; we’ll be out there so we’ll be able to get the full lowdown on anything and everything Sony Ericsson-related that gets announced.

Source: Bluetooth SIG via Xperia Blog, SlashGear


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