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Sony Ericsson MH907: Is this a good idea?

There’s little doubt that Sony Ericsson makes much better proprietary in-the-box headphones than anyone else but we’re not sure about its latest pair. The MH907s boast intelligent in-ear earbuds that detect when you have removed them.

The idea is that when you want to pause your music or take a call, instead of pressing any buttons, all you have to do is remove one earbud. Then when you have finished wanting to pause your music or you want to end a call you put them back in and the music starts again.

It’s a nice idea but we think it’s a bit flawed. Sometimes we like to listen to music with just one earbud in so that we can hear something, like a train announcement, and listen to music at the same time. We also like taking calls with two earbuds in when it’s really noisy.

Since we haven’t played with them yet we’ll wait to see if there are any workarounds for our issues but judging by the promotional video (below), we think the MH907s aren’t going to be our favourite Sony Ericsson pair so far.