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Sony Ericsson MH907 motion activated headphones: Made of magic

Sony Ericsson has come up with a pair of magic headphones. Put them in your ears, and the Sony Ericsson music player starts playing. Take them out of your ears and the music stops. Like magic.

Very clever little headphones they are, but we’re still not 100% on why you’d want them. First of all, they only work with Sony Ericsson phones which have the Sony Ericsson proprietory headphone port. Secondly, we’re pretty skilled at pressing the stop button on our phones; and generally when we want the music to stop, we also want to put the headphones away so we’ll be getting the phone out anyway.

Doubling as a handsfree, you can hang up on a call by removing the ear buds – great for ending those particularly frustrating phone calls by ripping them out of your ears.

The headphones, magic as they are, are also a little on the temperamental side: sometimes they don’t stop playing when we take them out, sometimes they stop playing when we put them in. And we’re really not sure about the green-gold plastic styling. But we just can’t get over the enchanting way that they work; so much so that we’re spending more time pulling them out and putting them back in our ears than we are actually listening to music.