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Sony Ericsson Naite: Green O2

It looks like O2 is trading in its blue hues for a shade of green with the Sony Ericsson Naite. O2 will be the first network to sell the Naite, an environmentally friendly phone that’s mostly made from recycled and recyclable plastics.

The Naite comes in reduced packaging to help cut down on waste and instead of coming with a paper instruction booklet, there’s an e-manual installed on the Naite itself.

Let’s be honest, most mobile users don’t bother with the instruction manuals at all. This approach apparently reduces paper usage by some 90 per cent, so perhaps we’ll see this catching on with other mobile manufacturers.

In addition to the e-manual, the Sony Ericsson Naite includes an app called Ecomate which is a carbon footprint calculator. Ecomate shows you how much carbon dioxide you’re cutting down on by walking rather than taking a car. Other features include 3G, a 2-megapixel camera and the memory is expandable up to 8GB.

O2 is offering customers who buy the Sony Ericsson Naite the choice of taking a gift for themselves, such as an eco-friendly solar powered charger, or giving a donation to charity. You can donate to a number of worthy causes including tree planting in Ethiopia, primary education funding in Bangladesh, water systems in Africa and many more.

The Sony Ericsson Naite is available now for free on a limited offer monthly tariff of £14.69 a month on an 18 month contract. There’s also an 18 month tariff that costs £19.58 a month, or you can pick it up for £97.86 on pay as you go.