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Sony Ericsson Pureness hands-on


We nipped down to Selfridges this morning to see Sony Ericsson’s latest styled-out handset, the Pureness. After admiring the Christmas window displays and somehow taking a forbidden lift, we finally got our mitts on the handset. With a transparent screen and minimal aesthetic, it is pitched as the perfect ‘going out’ phone for design-conscious people with lots of money.

The Pureness is definitely nice to look at but if you’re spending £500 on a phone handset you might want a bit more bang for your buck. Sony Ericsson has focussed on calls, text messaging and checking the time, so there’s not much more to the Pureness than that. And we could definitely see that transparent screen getting frustrating to use during daylight. We’ll have a full review up soon, but our rather lovely hands-on video above should keep you going in the meantime.


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