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Sony Ericsson Windows Phone 7 prototype gets spotted: slide-out keyboard, Xperia Neo looks

We heard rumours earlier this year, but following the release of Windows Phone 7, Sony Ericsson haven’t been particularly forthcoming (or vocal) about any phones they may be developing.

But a recent leaked set of photos adds fuel to the rumour fire. A prevously rumoured prototype model named Julie matches what we can see in these pictures, with both touchscreen and slide-out keyboard input.

We’d be interesting to see how, if it ever gets released, it stands up to other keyboard-packed WinPho7s, like the HTC 7 Pro.

These pictures from lizhecome, show a phone, replete with Not for Sale protoype seal, that has more than a passing resemblance to Sony Ericsson stablemate, the Xperia Neo.

Still no official news on whether we’ll actually see this phone in the shops, but then again, Xperia Play didn’t ‘officially’ exist until very recently. Before that, there were a wealth of picture leaks and hands-on previews long before Sony Ericsson confirmed the PlayStation phone’s existence.

Via: Engadget


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