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Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc customers report cracks in handset casing

Users of the curve-a-licious Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc have been complaining of physical faults in the handset’s outer casing that is causing it to crack.

The cracks are reportedly occurring below the Xperia Arc’s light sensor, just above the Sony Ericsson logo on the front of the phone, with several users on the Sony Ericsson Talk forums complaining that the cracks are appearing even on Xperia Arcs that have been kept in hard protective cases.

While the Sony Ericsson online help desk was reportedly flummoxed by the first wave of complaints, the company has now sent out an acknowledgement of the fault, saying that although the cracks around the light sensor cause no performance issues to the Xperia Arc, users who want their phones in pristine condition should take the handsets back to the shop they bought it from, from where it will be sent to an authorised Sony Ericsson repair cenre.

“First of all we’d like to apologies to those of you who have this crack in the housing of your Xperia arc” said the company via its Facebook page. “This does not affect the performance of the handset in any way but if you wish to have this fixed we will do this under warranty if you send the phone to a repair centre. (This is new information passed out to all our repair centres so to those of you who have been told this is not covered by warranty – now it is.)”

However, at least one user on the forum has complained that Carphone Warehouse remain uninformed of the problem, asking for a whopping £70 to have the blemish removed.

So, Xperia Arc users, check your handsets. The cracks should be where we’ve highlighted in the image above.

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