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Sony Ericsson Xperia mini: What’s in the box?

We’ve managed to get one of the first models of the Sony Ericsson Xperia mini. So we’ve excitedly torn into this box for our regular WITB.

We almost pushed the phone aside, thinking it was the battery. We’d forgotten how tiny it was when we first got our hands on it earlier this year.

Despite its size, it doesn’t shirk on the specs; it’s an improvement in every way on last year’s Xperia X10 mini; the screen’s bigger, now a three-inch HVGA 320×480 screen, and there’s now a meaty 1GHz processor. That’s enough clout to run video streaming, and that means BBC iPlayer and the rest.

It’s also running the very latest Android Gingerbread (2.3) operating system, and it’s all crammed into this tiny form-factor.

The Xperia mini is set to be joined by its twin, the Xperia mini pro; a similar phone, but with a slide-out keyboard.

Typing and using that tiny screen may take some adjusting to, but Sony Ericsson have added some clever touches to the Android keyboard, including a keypad profile and a clever sliding key option that allows you to switch characters by swiping your finger in each cardinal direction.

There’s also four corner shortcuts, meaning you can cram all your essential apps into the corners for easy access.

You can expect our full review soon, Until then, click on for more pictures.

Alognside the phone, the Xperia mini package includes the stable USB cable, AC adapter, and a nice pair of in-ear buds. Even nice is the the plastic screen cover and tiny microfiber cloth that arrive with the phone. The free screen cover is a great idea; we’re often afraid of using our new phoners without an obligatory stick-on cover.


The white plastic square is a scraper to ensure the cover goes on without any pesky air-bumps.

Oh, did we mention, it’s very small. Here’s the Xperia Mini laid atop our Samsung Galaxy S2.

The Xperia mini is noticeably a little thicker than other smartphones (the battery has to go somewhere) but once you get it in your hand….

…you’ll feel like a giant.

At the base, you’ll find both teh headpohne and USB ports. Another demonstation of the phone’s diddly proportions.

Sony Ericsson have rejigged the Android keys since the Xperia X10 mini. They make a lot more sense now – we’d find it hard to go back to the old lay-out.

Nice touch; the Xperia Mini has the same screen “switch-off” animation that mimics old cathode ray TVs.  The screen collapses into a white bar when you lock the screen

Taking off the rigid, but plastic, back-cover, you’ll find a 2GB microSD already embedded in the phone. This is obviously upgradeable if necessary.


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