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Sony in talks to buy out Ericsson, ending mobile partnership

Sony’s partnership with Swedish mobile company Ericsson maybe coming to an end, with word on the web that Sony is considering buying out Ericsson’s stake in their mobile partnership and going it alone.

The move is reportedly being chewed over by Sony as a way to catch its mobile business up with other market leaders like Apple and HTC. Sony Ericsson’s last big smartphone launch, the Xperia Play, has so far sold poorly and undergone repeated price cuts, the idea of a gaming phone going over less well with the smartphone buying public than Sony Ericsson were presumably hoping it would.

Sony already offers music players, laptops and tablets under its own brand (sans Ericsson), so Sony-only branded handsets wouldn’t be a huge leap for Sony’s top brass to make. However, with Vodafone’s exclusivity period about to run out on the brilliant Xperia Arc S, maybe Sony Ericsson’s fortunes are about to change.

Source: Reuters


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