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Sony LT29i ‘Hayabusa’ spy shot appears

We’re already expecting a lot from Sony this year. The NXT handsets are already making an appearance on store shelves in the form of the Xperia S, P and U and that’s just the start. We’re expecting at least three more devices before the year’s out, including the long rumoured ‘Hayabusa,’ a photo of which has appeared online

Aside from the name (which translates at ‘Peregrine Falcon’ in case you were wondering), not a vast amount is known about this mysterious device and more importantly it hasn’t yet been seen, until now. User ‘Ryuzaki_’ on Chinese forum, has offered up a spy shot, supposedly featuring the Hayabusa in full blurrycam glory.


The imagery shows a pair of devices; a black unit with both front and back shots and a white-backed unit on the right. The ‘XPERIA’ branding is identifiable below the now-outdated Sony Ericsson sphere emblem, indicating this possible prototype is an older design, if of course it is genuine at all.

Emphasising the age of this handset, the concave lines that trace each of the phone’s sides are also decidedly more Sony Ericsson in their execution, as opposed to the ‘human curvature’ as seen on the NXT series. The camera placement is typically Sony too, pushing the lens high up the centre of the the phone’s back.

If this is indeed an early build of the Sony LT29i ‘Hayabusa’, it’s slated to step in as successor to the current top-dog, the Sony Xperia S. Word has it that specs include a 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 processor, a 4.55-inch Reality Display, a 2200mAh battery, a 13-megapixel ‘stacked’ camera (capable of HDR video) and a thickness of just 7mm. Expect the Xperia S-successor to arrive in June this year at the earliest.


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