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Sony Mobile fan? Help bring forward the next Xperia phone release

There are times when you simply cannot wait for the next big handset to launch, but as much as you hope and try, your desire remains at the mercy of the manufacturer, the Samsung Galaxy S3 being a perfect example of anticipation versus delivery. So what happens when the manufacturer puts the release date in the hands of the customer? That’s a trick that Sony is trying on its official Facebook page.

The campaign offers prospective users the ability to ‘fast forward’ the release of the next Xperia handset simply by clicking a link which drops the countdown by twenty seconds, the more clicks, the sooner the unknown Xperia will be revealed. Of course, users will have to ‘Like’ the Sony Mobile page before they can interact with the app, but in doing so, will also gain access to four extra competitions, offering to opportunity to win one of these yet unnamed handsets when it does eventually launch. The first competition expires tomorrow so users need to be quick.

Sony Xperia fast forward

Following the initial rush of Sony at the start of the year, with the unveil of the NXT series handsets (the Sony Xperia S, P and U), we’ve seen the steady progression of their new 2012 portfolio appear, although many are still to actually make it to market. The most recent announcements arrived in the form of the Xperia Go toughphone and the Xperia Acro, only in Japan and the Xperia Sola with its floating-touch technology.

We’ve reached out to Sony to see if we can pick its brains on what could possibly lurk behind this colourful invitation and whatever their response, we’ll let you know.


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