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Sony Music Unlimited coming to Xperia Play this year

Another reason to get a Sony Ericsson Xperia Play besides gaming thrills is that Sony is all set to bung in its Music Unlimited service too.

The same Music Unlimited that’s available on the PlayStation 3 has already been confirmed to be arriving on the PSP, and it looks like it’s set to hit the Xperia Play as well.

Shawn Layden, executive vice president and CEO of Sony Network Entertainment, told Eurogamer that the Music Unlimited service will “come live on the PSP in a matter of weeks,” adding that it will be arriving on Android devices, including the Xperia Play at some point “this year”.

“The idea is to make your PlayStation ID your ubiquitous sign-on wherever you go and also allow you to trade off the same wallet,” Layden added.

The idea of being able to access music on your PS3, PSP and/or Android phone sounds appealing to us and gathering all of Sony’s services (ok, just games and music) under one umbrella makes sense.
The service is also set to arrive on Sony’s NGP gaming device – aka the PSP 2 – when it launches later this year. Though the Xperia Play – aka the PSP Phone – is finally out now, we bet it won’t be long before someone hacks the PSP 2 to enable voice calls on it.

We’ve asked Sony Ericsson for a comment on this and are waiting to hear back.


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