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Sony PlayStation Store and games on the Sony Xperia S (pictures)

We know we’re not the first to break news of Sony’s PlayStation Store finally opening doors on the flagship Sony Xperia S. All day we’ve been checking our own Xperia S to see if that pesky placeholder link was gone; it has now and we’re able to access the PlayStation Store on our Xperia S.

Titles are limited to a handful and include Coolboarders 2, Kurushi, Jumping Flash, MediEvil and Kula World. To be honest, we’re mainly excited about Kula World, the overlooked PS classic that we’re amazed has taken so long to be ported to phones. But we digress…

What you need to do to get the Sony PlayStation Store on your phone is to go into your Settings > Applications and make sure the Unknown Sources box is checked – you’ll be installing this from outside of the Android Market Google Play.

Then you can run the PS Store app that is loitering around in your Xperia S’s app tray. You should then see some on screen prompts that’ll see you installing the two apps you’ll need to buy and play PS titles.

Hey Sony and Square Enix, let’s get some official Final Fantasy VIII on there  please? While we’re waiting, we’re going to carry on playing Triple Triad on our Android phones.


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