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Sony PlayStation Vita set November launch date?

Sony’s hand-held portable could be launching in Japan on November 12th just in time for Christmas, but we’ll have to wait until March 2012 before it lands here.

French games website GameAlive claims it will be released in Japan and Hong Kong on 12th November, with members of the press around then, before it officially launches in the UK (West) in March 2012.

This fits in with Sony’s comments that the Vita was originally touted as launching in the global market in 2011.

The handheld console has recently been shown at GamesCom in Cologne. Originally called the NGP it has a 5-inch multitouch screen, rear touch pad and dual analogue sticks and connects via WiFi and 3G.

We’re really interested to see what the Vita is like and how it performs, especially following recent price drops for the Nintendo 3DS to around £115 and comments from developer Matthew Seymour that it will be: ‘a car wreck.’

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Via: T3, Via: CVG


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