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Sony PSP Phone incoming this year?

Could the PSP phone that we (and half of the internet) have been dreaming of finally be getting the green light? It looks like it. The Wall Street Journal reports that that Sony is working on “a smartphone that can download and play PlayStation games that they’re hoping will challenge the iPhone”.

The WSJ also mentions that Sony is working on a new media platform tentatively titled Sony Online Service, which will offer many of the same movies, TV shows and songs already available on iTunes. The addition of PSP-quality games to such a catalogue could give Sony’s media portal a real unique selling point rather than just being a ‘me too’ version of iTunes.

The games on offer will mainly be “older titles released for the original PlayStation console”. The fact that WSJ’s Marcelo Prince mentions ‘PlayStation games’ and not ‘PSP games’ in the video may then be significant. While the idea of being able to download old PlayStation classics like Crash Bandicoot and Tomb Raider on a mobile phone appeals to us, we’d really like it if we could download PSP games like Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops as well.

Either way, the as of yet unnamed device will apparently be seeing a release this year. In time to make it onto our Christmas wishlists, we hope.


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