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Sony’s wireless QX10 and QX100 lenses will turn your phone into a full-blown camera (hands-on)

Let’s say you’re going on vacation and want to take some photos. Do you rely solely on your smartphone camera, or add some extra weight by bringing a dedicated camera? You won’t have to do either with Sony’s new wireless lens cameras. Just as leaks suggested, they’re dedicated lens with large sensors that replace your phone’s built-in camera.

Sony will be selling two models: the QX10 and QX100. The QX10 is the basic model, featuring an 18-megapixel G Lens with Optical Steady Shot and a 10x optical zoom. The QX100, meanwhile, has a larger 20.2-megapixel sensor with an F/1.8 aperture and 3.6x optical zoom. Both lens pair with Android cameras using NFC, then displaying live previews and sending over photos using Wi-Fi Direct.

But how exactly does the lens attach to your smartphone? Sony has two ways of doing it. If you buy the Xperia Z1, then you can pick up a custom case that’s been explicitly designed for both lens. Everyone else will use use an included clamp with a built-in magnet that can be adjusted to fit the many different handsets out there. Neither lens will drain your phone’s battery either, as they each have their own cells that will power the units. There’s a microSD card on the lenses too, so there shouldn’t be any problems when it comes to storage.

Sony didn’t give firm pricing info for its lens cameras, but did say that should be released in the coming weeks.


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