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Sony’s hamster wheel gives you the full SmartWear experience

Stratford shoppers can take the latest Sony smart wearables for a spin, literally, in a monstrous hamster wheel located in the Westfield shopping centre.

Still on the fence about wearables, fitness trackers and smart watches? Well, if you live around the London area, get yourself down to Westfield Stratford and you can chug around in a giant spinning wheel thing to test out Sony’s latest SmartWear for free.

Safely ensconced inside the structure, you’ll be immersed in ‘numerous first-person narratives’ which highlight the main features of the latest Sony wearables. The SmartWatch 3, for instance, can be used to track your motions even when you’re not packing your mobile, and to listen to music on the move, again independent of your smartphone.

Then there’s the SmartBand Talk, a slender fitness tracker that can also be used to answer calls when you’re on the go, thanks to the built-in mic and speaker.

If you’re interested in playing hamster, better get a shift on – the Sony wheel is only at Westfield until March 16th. After that it’s going on a national tour, hitting up Birmingham, Manchester and Newcastle among others.


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